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Poet, Novelist, Translator, Painter and Printmaker


cover of Just After Midnight

Just After Midnight  (Enitharmon Press, 2004) 

Of Love and Terror, first novel (Saqi Books, London, 2002)

In Cyclops' Cave, a new translation from Homer' s Book 9, The Odyssey.  (The Greville Press, 2002)

The Odysseus Poems: Fictions on the Odyssey of Homer (Cargo Press, 1999)

Swimming Through The Grand Hotel (Enitharmon Press, 1997) 

Selected Poems 1977-1992 (Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995)

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cover of Swimming Through the Grand Hotel cover of In Cyclops Cave cover of The Odysseus Poems


Of Just After Midnight (2004), RV Bailey: "Adventurous, challenging, surrealist, magical, ... the work of an alert and committed writer".

Of The Odysseus Poems: Fictions on the Odyssey of Homer (1999), Ruth Fainlight writes "She gives further evidence of an ability to imagine herself into many roles... This tender, ironical portrait of a hero who has fascinated the European imagination for more than two millennia makes a fascinating development in the work of this justifiably ambitious poet."  Marina Warner writes: "Judith Kazantzis' sequence of interwoven voices casts the many struggles with monsters, the seductions and loneliness of love, and the long wanderings of heroes into a vivid meditation for our turbulent times."

On Swimming Through The Grand Hotel (1997): The Times Literary Supplement: "Judith Kazantzis writes a poetry of sensuous immediacy couched in an agile, conversational style." Stand: "the world made strange, surreal, subterranean fantasia ... an unusual voice in contemporary poetry in Britain."

Of the Selected Poems (1995), The Sunday Telegraph (Vernon Scannell): "Considerable variety of technical skill, mood and subject-matter." and Poetry Review (Helen Dunmore):  "assured, flexible and rich with experience". 

Of  The Rabbit Magician Plate (1992), distinguished American Laureate poet Richard Wilbur wrote: "though there are many things one might praise about Judith Kazantzis' poems, what strikes me everywhere is the unexpectedness of her word choice; re-encountered, her words surprise again through their unusual accuracy and their nice governance of tone, not derailing the reader (as tawdry surprises do) but putting him precisely on the track".

Of her poem cycle A Poem for Guatemala (1988) Harold Pinter said that it was "A rare event: A major political poem...beautiful wrought, concrete, and passionate." 

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Ambit Magazine, The Bath House, Dean Street, London W1



Torriano Readings, 99 Torriano Avenue NW1



Cafe Chimera Magazine, Cabaret Voltiare, Church Walk, Colchester



Poetry Cafe, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2  

Chimera Magazine Art exhibition. 'High Street II: The Cliffe'
Paddock Printmakers at Lewes Town Hall (see Lewes Artwave website)




Start academic year 2005-06 as Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Sussex (www.rlf.org



Art exhibition: Paddock Printmakers' show at the Thebes Gallery, off School Hill, High Street, Lewes (see Thebes Gallery website)
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