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David Miller 


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Poetry (including poetry in prose and visual poetry)

Short fiction


The Caryatids, Enitharmon Press, London, 1975 

Unity, Singing Horse Press, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, 1981

Losing to Compassion, Origin Press, Kyoto, 1985 

Tesserae, Stride, Exeter, 1993 

Stromata, Burning Deck Press, Providence, Rhode Island, 1995 

Appearance & Event, Paradigm Press, Providence, Rhode Island, 1997

Spiritual Letters (1-12), hawkhaven press, San Francisco, California, 1999

Dark Ground, Wild Honey Press, Bray, Co. Wicklow, 2000

David Miller's 'Spiritual Letters (I-II) and other writings' is now available from Reality Street Editions (63 All Saints Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 3BN). The book sells for £6.50 per copy (please add £1 for postage & packing for a single copy if ordering direct from the publisher). For further details please see the Reality Street web site: http://freespace.virgin.net/reality.street/

The book can also be obtained from Small Press Distribution in Berkeley (USA): http://www.spdbooks.org


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"These two directions in Miller's poetry - the critique of the material world and the approach to the spiritual - are intricately interconnected, and by no means mutually exclusive. Indeed, they seem to form part of a deeply felt ethical imperative at work in his poetry: an imperative which forges its social critique on the basis of an ethical spirituality." 
Tim Woods, The Poet's Voice

"...a kind of poésie noire, an urban poetry of shadows and glimpses, street lamps and whispers. The crucial relationship between word and life is ultimately mysterious, inimitable and unknowable, yet its existence surfaces most convincingly in the poem." 
Fred Muratori (on Stromata), American Book Review

"In all of Miller's work there is this precision and fullness, the act of writing becoming a way of dreaming more fully.... Of all the present writers in English... Miller is the closest to Mallarmé, not in any formal or recognisable imitation, but in the way both behave when they write. What Julia Kristeva learned from her analysis of the great Symbolist poet could probably be discerned as easily from Miller's poetry. This is high praise indeed." 
Tim Allen, Terrible Work

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